Down Load Order Form Here .PDF

Garlic orders should be placed a minimum of 3 weeks before your plant date.
Once your order is processed it should take 3-5 days from shipping to receive.

Seed Stock Prices:

1/2 lb. 1-4 lbs 5-20 lbs. 21-50 lbs.
Artichoke $9 $16/lb. $15/lb. $14/lb.
Rocambole $10 $18/lb. N/A N/A
Purple Stripes $10 $18/lb. $17/lb. $16/lb.
Porcelains $10 $18/lb. $17/lb. $16/lb.

Culinary Garlic Prices:

2 lb. Bags ~ Unspecified Variety

Premium size / hardnecks ~ $20 each

Premium size / softnecks ~ $20 each

Premium size / mixed bag of hardnecks and softnecks ~ $20 each

Culinary Hardneck SKU: HN-CG

Culinary Softneck SKU: SN-CG

Culinary Mixed SKU: MX-CG

*Call for pricing for orders over 50 lbs.!

*Minimum purchase is 1 lb. of total garlic and a 1/2 lb. per variety.


PHONE ORDERS Welcomed! Call 509-680-0582. We will reserve your garlic immediately if you follow up with a check to arrive within 10 days of your order placement.

Send to:

Green Wave Gardens
PO Box 1185
Northport, WA   99157

 Phone: 509-680-0582

 If preordering (before July 15th), we will accept either full or 50% down payment to reserve your garlic. Preorders mean you will be ahead of the crowd. First come, first served, with the biggest bulbs going first. The balance will be due prior to shipping and you will be contacted by phone or email at that time (include phone number and email, please). If ordering after July 15th, include the total amount, plus shipping charges.

Garlic is shipped beginning in early September and ending on December 15th.

We begin accepting orders after the first of the year for the same year harvest with a 50% down payment.                                                                   

Flat Rate Shipping $10

-We do not ship to Idaho or Hawaii or out of the USA. /Shipping to Alaska may be extra.

-Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back within 14 days return of the receipt of your garlic.                       

Down Load Order Form Here  .PDF

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My final, considered judgment is that the hardy bulb [garlic] blesses and ennobles everything it touches - with the possible exception of ice cream and pie

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