2018 Garlic Orders Begin April 1st

Hello garlic lovers,

We grow WSDA certified organic garlic here on our farm, perched above the North Columbia River in northeast Washington. We are located in Zone 5, at approximately 49°N. We plant in October and harvest in July. In 2018 we will have over 25 strains of fabulous garlic to share with you (scroll down to navigate through the garlic selections).
   All of our garlic is handcrafted, start to finish using down to earth, sustainable, and organic methods. That means we use all organic fertilizers, compost, green manure cover crops and rotations of at least 4 years with all our alliums (garlic, onions, shallots, leeks) to help prevent disease. We hand plant, hand weed, hand feed, hand harvest, and hand clean each and every bulb. We do not sell garlic from other growers, but other growers buy from us because they can count on the quality we produce.. If it isn’t prime, we won’t ship!
   Growing garlic is an exciting adventure, especially discovering the joys of growing your own supply and ex-tra for friends, family, or for sale in market gardens in your area. The demand for garlic continues to grow and interest in growing garlic is at an all time high. Cooking without garlic is like bathing without water! And, yes, there are MANY varieties of garlic...all different in looks, taste, clove count and size, culinary or medicinal use, and keeping qualities.
   We have culinary garlic for sale, too. You won’t find these in your local grocery store. The flavor and fresh-ness is extraordinary!
   Enjoy!!! ~ The Green Wave Garden crew.

You can purchase ˝ lbs. this year!

Shipping cost is $10 for ALL orders up to 10 #s.

Growing garlic is an exciting adventure, especially ‘growing your own’ and making your own discoveries as to how it grows where YOU are. It never ceases to amaze!

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(FYI - We have 26 varieties listed here in 2018)

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Artichoke Varieties

Award winning taste, great for roasting, good keepers, and huge bulbs. Not only biggest return per bulb, with 10-20 cloves per bulb, but the biggest bulb variety, consisting of very large outer cloves and small inner cloves. Also known commonly as ‘Italian’ or ‘Red’ garlic. Harvest is just after Asiatic and Turbans and before the others. Produces no scapes, easiest grown variety for most climates.    See strains

Porcelain Varieties Hardneck



Considered most beautiful of the garlic varieties with their creamy ‘porcelain’ sheen. Very large, single layered symmetrical cloves that store well. Favored by connoisseurs  & chefs for their rich, earthy taste. Favored for medicinal uses with high allicin content. Harvest time is  mid to late season. Likes colder winters, but can perform well in all but the deep south. Produces large scapes that curl in haphazard ways then fully extend upright when left on the plant. They are often hard to tell apart from each other. Storage is very good when cured well. Production is less than other varieties with less clove count (usually 4-6 per bulb).  See strains

Purple Stripes Hardneck

Sweetest baked garlic. Very colorful bulbs. Elongated, tall cloves. Typically smaller cloves than other varieties due to more cloves per bulb than Rocamboles, but peel almost as easily. Mid season harvest. Produces scapes. More spreading than upright. Prefers cooler winters, but generally performs well, even in more southern latitudes. Storage is longer than Rocamboles.  A sub-group, Marbled, have blotches of purple and tend to store slightly longer.  See strains

Rocamboles Hardneck

Call for availability of additional strains after August 1st

Easy peel!  Average 7-10 tan colored cloves per bulb, typically rounded and blunt clove tips.  Very hot with incredible flavor. Excellent variety for pickling or dehydrating, grinding.

Does not grow well in warmer winter climates, prefers colder climates (try Purple Stripes instead in warmer climates).  Rocamboles are typically more challenging to grow because of their need for the best of growing conditions. Produces beautiful coiled scapes. Does not store as well as other varieties, so use before the holidays are over.  See strains

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