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Shirley is co-founder and co-owner of Green Wave Gardens. She was born in Georgia, and traveled out west at age 18. From there, she met her mate and they set out on a life of adventure traveling and working all over the backcountry areas of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and remote Southeast Alaska. During this time, she had their 4 children and cared for them no matter where their work or adventuring took them, depending on her natural mothering abilities and common sense. She embodies a true pioneer spirit in her work and her life. Serving as the farm manager, she is responsible for the farm’s Washington State Department of Agriculture organic certification, as well as keeping up all records pertaining to the farm operations. She implements and oversees all of the garlic production - working in the fields, planting, weeding, harvesting, grading, and marketing the garlic. She is responsible for all the vegetable seeding, and the greenhouse care, as well as planning and planting the gardens. She is a mother of 4 grown children, a grandmother of 5, and wife of 37 years. She enjoys gardening, cooking, and family time on the farm; she also enjoys traveling and artistic endeavors when time is available. Sharing her knowledge of gardening and cooking with others, as well as providing healthy food from her efforts in the garden and kitchen, always makes her happy.

Bruce is the co-founder and co-owner of Green Wave Gardens. With extraordinary work habits, he is vital to the operation of the farm. Not only is he the 'water man', keeping the precious resource flowing to gardens, he plants potatoes, cares for the berries, & works in the garlic. He is the farm foreman, and takes care of all mowing, tilling, cover cropping, repairs, and cares for all of the animals (ducks, chickens, sheep, donkeys). You could get tired just thinking about all he does in a day. He has a great attitude and sees the bigger picture whenever the going gets tough.

He was born in Santa Barbara, California, where his grandfather was an orchard manager on the former Hope Ranch. Bruce has been involved in the outdoors since 1967. His early years were spent mountain climbing and exploring in depth the Sierras, Yosemite, and the coastal mountains of Santa Barbara. He and Shirley spent their first 5 years together hiking and packing burros northward from the Sierras to Oregon and Idaho, working with and learning from the few remaining pioneers of the west that had carved out a life in the wilderness. Bruce has lived all of his adult life in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, working in remote locations as a 4-seasons wilderness guide, in Southeast Alaskan fisheries, and as a guide of horseback, hunting, and fishing adventures. Bruce is a rare breed of man in the modern world, staying true to his purpose that he discovered as a young man…living in accordance with nature and keeping the knowledge of the old ways alive for future generations.

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Humans merely share the earth. We can only protect the land, not own it.

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