Purple Stripe Varieties

(Marbled Purple stripe, Ophio )

It has a high allicin content (reputed to promote circulation, lower cholesterol and boost immune system). In most years, produces a very large bulb. A purple striped beauty! Does well in cold climates. Clove count is 5-8, milder than most purple stripes. Extra large, easy peel. Stores 6 months, longer than most Purple Stripes we offer.

  • Seed Stock SKU# SIBE-SS

(Marbeled Purple stripe)

These are big magnificent bulbs and full of color. Thick wrappers, 5-7 cloves. Stores very well. Bold heat and flavor, matures late in the season. Metechi is an outstanding grower, very hardy.

  • Seed Stock SKU# METE-SS

Purple Glazer
(Glazed Purple stripe)

Glazed Purple Stripes are rare and fantastic. They grow well in most areas but not recommended for warm winters. Bulb wrappers go from whitish to deep purple as you remove. Tall and willowy long leaves with a bluish cast. Very elongated cloves, more so than other purple stripes. Excellent roasting with sweet flavor, like purple stripes in general, medium heat. Store over 6 months.

  • Seed Stock SKU# PGLAZ-SS

Pskem /Marbled

Deep purple striped bulbs. John Swenson of Seed Saver Exchange came across this garlic in 1989 in the Pskem River Valley in Uzbekistan. Big and few cloves with full flavor. Good keeper. Hardneck, 3-5 large cloves per bulb. Hot tamales! Midseason harvest.

  • Seed Stock SKU# PSK-SS

Red Russian / Marbled

The top commercial variety most grown in British Columbia, 5 -7 cloves, good keeper, midseason. Can reach very large sizes. On the hot side, but not too hot! Very hardy and productive.

  • Seed Stock SKU# REDR-SS


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