Porcelain Varieties


Named after Al Music, founder of Garlic Growers Association of Ontario, but also ‘music’ to the eyes and mouth. Visually outstanding plant in the field, the ‘green giant’, we call it. Smooth porcelain wrappers; medium-hot raw, sweet and starchy baked.  Does well in cold winters. Biggest porcelain bulbs with 4 to 6 huge cloves. Stores 6-7 months or more. A favorite.

  • Seed Stock SKU# MUS-SS

Georgian Crystal

 Perfect for raw eating raw, raw food preparations with NO heat to speak of. It has a high allicin content (reputed to promote circulation, lower cholesterol and boost immune system). Nice fat 4-7 cloves per bulb. Long storing, over 6 months.

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Romanian Red

Very hot and late maturing. Easy peel, 2-5 cloves that are huge. Beautiful healthy looking foliage. From Romania. Store 6 months or more.

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Premium Northern White

German origin and super hardy, can really handle the cold. Flavor is very strong and robust. Very large 4-6 cloves. Storage over 6 -8 months.

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German Stiffneck

Also known as German White, from the northeast. Like Premium Northern White. Very popular and stores 6 - 8 months.

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Georgian Fire

Wow! Beautiful big porcelain and hot, great for adding heat to salsas. Rich robust flavor. An excellent healthy strain. From the Republic of Georgia. Storage 6-8 months.

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Susan D

Another very large porcelain, from Canada grower. Hot! Storage 6-8 months.

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Rare and beautiful, well-sized bulbs with fat cloves. It originated in the USSR. Raw, it's hot. Averages 4 cloves per bulb. Listed by Seeds of Diversity Canada as an endangered variety.

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An impressive bulb and moderately hot. Mid harvest. Large silken white cloves with 3 -6 cloves per bulb, similar to German White. Prefers cold winters. Stores well, over 6 months. Listed by Seeds of Diversity Canada as an endangered variety. Collected in 1984 from village of Zemo, Surebi in the upper Supsa valley at the edge of the Adzaro - Imeretinian mountains, Cochatauri Province, Guriya Region, Republic of Georgia.

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An impressive bulb with good size and uniformity. Stores 6-8 months. Listed by Seeds of Diversity Canada as an endangered variety.

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German Red

This is a large productive variety. It shares the name with a rocambole, but it is definitely a porcelain. It is much like a German White or Stiffneck, but with reddish color to the bulb. Can reach large sizes and stores well.

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